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Tracks & Call for Papers

The Technical and Scientific Committee of the IRF Middle East & North Africa Regional Congress is pleased to invite surface transportation experts and researchers from the region and beyond to submit paper abstracts for evaluation. Abstracts should reflect original practical cases studies and research or innovation in technical, institutional, economic, business and policy issues that are relevant, recent and significant.
The abstract should be written in English, readily understandable to most readers and may contain a maximum of 250 words. There is no cost to submit an abstract.

Important Dates

  • Abstract Deadline: Closed

  • Abstract Acceptance Notification:  May 23, 2017

  • Paper Submission: July 14, 2017

  • Paper Acceptance Notification: August 25, 2017

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1- Innovation in Transportation Engineering

1.1 Future Accelerators in Transportation And Infrastructure
1.2 New Technologies in Accelerated Bridge Construction
1.3 Segmental Suspended Precast Bridges
1.4 New Micro-tunneling Technology

2- Smart Cities

2.1 Innovation and Transformation of Urban Mobility
2.2 Intelligent Infrastructure & Cyber Security
2.3 Road Design Standards for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
2.4 Business and Governance Models for Smart Cities

3- Delivering 21st Century Parking & Tolling Solutions

3.1 Innovation in Parking for Public and Congested Areas
3.2 Electronic Toll Collection
3.3 Smart Parking & Tolling Enforcement
3.4 Innovative Funding Mechanisms (incl. PPPs & BOTs)

4- Towards Zero Fatalities and Serious Injuries

4.1 Traffic Safety Policies & Programs
4.2 Diagnosing Traffic Injury Risk
4.3 Safer Streets by Design
4.4 Traffic Safety Culture: Creating a Lasting Behavioral Change on Road Users
4.5 Best Practice in Education & Enforcement Management Systems
4.6 Safety Campaigns & Child Safety

5- Sustainable Pavement Design & Management

5.1 Preserving Road Assets
5.2 Greening Road Projects
5.3 Innovative Pavement Design & Construction
5.4 Innovation in Products, Processes & Equipment

6- Managing Complexity in Road Projects

6.1 Implementation of Cost Benefit Analysis in Transportation Projects
6.2 Highway Procurement & Contract Management
6.3 Value Engineering
6.4 Coordination Between Land-use and Transportation Planning